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Cold Processed Natural Soap Selection Guide.

Cold Processed Natural Soap Selection Guide.

Like most people, we do not put effort into the process of making an informed decision. We settle for the soaps with better fragrance and promising advertisement. It is high time that we realise how important the process of selecting a soap is.

Soaps are used for cleansing and lubricating. Soaps were originally made from natural ingredients of animal or vegetable fats and lye. The main component is a surfactant. Surfactant is formed naturally from the saponification process when lye and oils are mixed.

A soap is merely considered as a soap and we do not put in effort to know about its ingredients, process, and effects.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cold Processed Natural Soap.

Choosing the best cold processed soap that is gentle, effective, and suitable for your skin type is the first step to better and healthy skin.


  • Look for soaps with natural and nourishing ingredients such as olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and other essential oils.
  • Avoid soaps containing parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, and other harsh chemicals. They can irritate the skin.

 Skin Type

  • Consider your skin type. Examine if it's dry skin, normal skin, combinational skin, or oily skin.
  • Check for other skin concerns like acne, sensitivity, dryness, etc. For example, for dry skin, choose a soap with moisturising ingredients like olive oil or shea butter.

Scent and Texture

  • Natural cold processed soaps come in a variety of scents from essential oils. Choose a scent that fits your mood or preferences.
  • Cold-processed handmade soaps are usually formulated for specific purposes. Specialty soaps like exfoliating soaps with added ingredients like oatmeal, coffee grounds, and other ingredients.  Adding such ingredients gives a whole new texture to the soap. It can differ based on its purpose.

 Packaging and Brand Values

  • Opt for soap packaged in recyclable or biodegradable materials.
  • Look for brands that prioritise sustainability in their packaging and sourcing of ingredients.
  • Choose a brand- Inria, that uses ethically sourced ingredients.
  • Purchase from reputable brands known for their ingredients, production methods, and ethical practices.

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Perfect Cold Processed Natural Soap.

Research and Reviews

  • Researching and reviewing cold processed soap before making a purchase can help in ensuring the perfect soap for your needs.
  • Start your online research from the manufacturer's websites, product descriptions, customer reviews, and testimonials.
  • Go through the third-party retailers. Browse online marketplaces like Amazon to read customer reviews and ratings for overall satisfaction with different soaps.
  • Meanwhile pay attention to seller ratings and feedback to be sure that they are reputable sellers.

 Understanding ingredient labels

  • Research individual ingredients used in cold processed soaps to ensure they are safe and suitable for your skin type.
  • Learn about the benefits of each ingredient for skincare. Choose soaps with ingredients for specific skin concerns.

 Testing and Sampling

  • Purchase sample kits containing smaller versions of different soap varieties. This allows you to test multiple soaps without a full-size product.
  • Attending skincare events provides an opportunity to experience the products and ask questions directly to the makers.
  • Look for soaps certified with reputable certifications indicating the use of natural ingredients and sustainable practices.

Final Decision

  • Conduct thorough research and reviews, make an informed decision, and choose the perfect cold-processed soap that meets your skin care needs and preferences.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Cold Processed Natural Soap.

Not checking the ingredients:
Read the ingredients list thoroughly. Avoid chemicals that harm your skin.

Ignoring your skin type:
It is highly recommended to check your skin type and its concerns.

Focusing only on the scent
Though scent and texture are important, don’t select a soap completely based on fragrance.

Not researching the brand
Look for a reputed brand with commitment, better quality, and transparency.

Overlooking allergens
Check for allergens in the soap ingredients list if you have sensitive skin or skin prone to allergies.

Ignoring environmental aspects
Do consider the environmental impacts of the soap, including the source of ingredients and packaging.

Not considering the value of money
Though price isn’t the only value, consider the overall value of the soap. Evaluate the soap price relative to its size, ingredients, process, and performance.

Not testing the samples
Try samples of different soaps or at least try different soaps before settling for the one. This lets you know how the soap feels on your skin if your expectations are met and to check your allergens.

Relying only on online reviews
Use them as your guide rather than completely relying on them.

Falling for market hype
Focus on the quality of the soap, ingredients, and formulation rather than falling only for marketing.

Avoiding such mistakes and taking time to do some research, you can find your suitable cold-processed handmade natural soap.


1. How do I know if a soap is cold-processed?

It requires some understanding of the soap-making process and examination of the product.

  • Check the label
  • Look for handmade characteristics
  • Examine the ingredients

These three important tasks give a piece of detailed information about cold-processed soap.


2. Are cold-processed natural soaps suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes…! Cold processed soaps are made with naturally available ingredients. It is formed by the saponification process which retains glycerin. This glycerin does not harm other chemical ingredients thus making cold processed natural soaps best for the sensitive skin type.

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