Pamper Your Skin

  1. What Inria believes? If it is not locally grown or not native to the soil, think twice before using it on your skin. Inria goes a step further and believes, “If it is not your locally available natural ingredients, think twice before using it on you”.
  2. The simple ingredients for skincare have stood the test of time and have been passed from generation to generation.
  3. Locally available ingredients are the freshest you can get.
  4. Using exotic ingredients is expensive.

What do we expect from
our customers?

Nature knows best: Try as much as possible to aim for natural or naturally derived products. Beautiful skin needs commitment, there is no shortcut to it.

Educate yourself: Beware of the ingredients that go on your skin and be good to your skin because you wear them every day and for the rest of your life.

Simple still effective homemade DIYs for skin: When it comes to products like face packs and face scrubs, try making them at home as much as possible. Yes, you heard it right. We care for the wellness of our clients.

If you have time and resources we recommend you make homemade packs and scrubs, etc. They are the best possible freshest skin care products you can lay your hands on for TLC of your skin.

We can help you with some ideas for making your skincare products. Contact Us

Holistic Approach: Remember to take care of their diet, be hydrated, do exercise, meditate, and have at least 7 to 8 hrs of sleep. These simple yet doable approaches to life can do a whole lot of wonders not only to your skin but as a person as a whole.