Avarampoo (Tanner's Cassia)

Avaram flowers are popularly used by women in southern part of India as treatment for uneven skin. It is known to have properties that help in preventing black spots. Its effects can also help in soothing itchy skin and improving body odour. It may help in curing blemishes. It increases the overall glow of skin and improves complexion.

Amman Patcharasi

It is commonly known for its skincare properties. It can be used for treating many skin-related issues like pimples and warts. It is helpful in healing wounds. It has anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial to the skin.

Arasa Vithai (Sacred Fig Seed)

When used in dried form, Arasa Vithai or fig seeds are highly advantageous to the skin. They are rich in antioxidants which makes figs one of the best supplements to maintain good skin health. It also has skin rejuvenating properties. It is also known to prevent wrinkles, cure boils and warts and even out skin tone.

Ash Gourd

Ash gourd is well regarded for its skincare benefits and has even been recorded in ayurvedic texts. It has been quite successful in naturally moisturising and softening skin, due to its emollient Vitamin E gel extract. Moreover, it does wonders on areas of skin plagued by fungal infections, allergies, or sunburn.

Banyan Leaf

Banyan leaf is proved to be effective against many skin issues. It can cure boils, help in removing blackheads, can treat acne and its pimples. It is excellent at treating the dryness of cracked heels. It can help in removing patches from skin and soothing irritated skin.

Basil Seeds

Basil seeds are loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids that are very helpful in enhancing skin health. They can cure skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. It helps in healing skin infections and keeping skin from aging.

Bermuda Grass

Detoxifying posted of Bermuda Grass are considered to be effective against many skin problems. It is successful in helping wounds to heal faster. It can also cure swelling of edema.

Bitter Gourd

It is highly rich in nutrients such as Vitamin A and C, calcium, and antioxidants that promote healthy skin and prevent premature ageing of the skin. It diminishes wrinkles and is also proven to reduce acne. It is also helpful in treating eczema and protects our skin from harmful UV rays.


Brinjal has several skin-care benefits including anti-ageing properties. It can be used to maintain a healthy scalp. It aids in curing the damage caused by the sun. It gives you glowing skin and is beneficial in treating oily skin. It can also help in lightening freckles.

Butterfly Pea Flower

Full of antioxidants butterfly pea flower is extremely beneficial to the health of your skin. It soothes irritated skin. It is known to reduce the redness of the skin. It helps in improving moisture retaining the power of the skin. It also contains collagen which is needed for skin health.

Chow Chow (Chayote)

Abundant in valuable nutrients like Vitamin C, B6, K and folate, chow chow is useful in keeping skin healthy. Being loaded with antioxidants, it helps in preventing premature ageing and thus retaining youthful skin. It is also proven to be effective against inflammation.


Coconut is excellent for keeping your skin hydrated. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines which helps to fight ageing. It has great moisturizing powers and so it is used in many skincare products. It is also known to fight temporary redness.

Coriander Leaves

Rich in folate, antioxidants, vitamin C and beta-carotene. Coriander leaves grant you soft, supple and glowing skin. The antioxidants help to stop degeneration and thus slow ageing. Loaded with iron, the leaves of coriander keep your skin from dullness. It can work magic in treating acne, eczema and oily skin.

Coriander Seeds

Seeds of coriander are excellent in exfoliating skin. It is great at soothing rashes and sunburns on the skin. It is also known to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, therefore, preventing ageing. It gives you naturally glowing skin.

Cumin Seeds

The seeds of cumin are useful against acne, helpful in soothing skin and giving your skin a natural glow. It also shows properties of anti-ageing. It has an essential oil that has antifungal and antibacterial qualities which is advantageous to skin health. Cumin seeds are great at naturally curing boils.

Curry Leaves

High in antioxidants, essential vitamins and anti-microbial properties, curry leaves are excellent in keeping skin healthy. They can help in treating acne and breakouts and combating skin issues like eczema and bacterial infection. They are also known to contain skin rejuvenating properties.

Fennel Seeds

The vitamins in fennel seeds make your skin look younger. It keeps your skin healthy by treating acne and maintaining the health of the skin. Fennel seeds contain antioxidants that prevent degenerative reactions and keep skin from ageing. They can also help in cleaning pores and retaining glowing skin


Fenugreek or methi is a great skin cleanser, exfoliator and facial toner. It aids in reducing blemishes and dark circles. Containing Vitamin C, methi helps in lightening skin and presents anti-ageing properties. It can also cure acne and keep your skin moisturized.

Indian Nettle

Indian nettle is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and Vitamin B which makes it highly beneficial for the skin. They are also known to treat skin issues such as acne and its pimples and rashes.


It consists of anti-ageing properties that can prevent the skin from getting wrinkles. The glycolic acid in jaggery smoothens your skin texture and makes it soft and supple. Jaggery is also known to help in treating pimples and maintaining clear skin.


Jamun is loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids which aids in detoxifying and purifying blood, which lightens skin and gives you a natural glow. Its skin lightening properties helps in removing dark circles. Jamun is also good at treating oily skin.


Jasmine is believed to have antiseptic and antibacterial properties that are great for the skin. It works as an amazing ingredient for face cleansers. Jasmine also has skin toning properties and can be found in toners. It is also helpful in diminishing scars and marks on the skin.

Kadukai (Haritaki)

Properties of Kadukai help in reducing the production of melanin and thus are helpful in erasing pigmentation. Full of antioxidants, kadukai fights ageing and blemishes formed on the skin. It also has skin purifying effects and helps in treating acne. Kadukai is known to not only reduce but also treat inflammation.


Karupatti or palm jaggery is known to help in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It helps in clearing your skin’s complexion. It can also fight dark spots, acne scars and uneven skin tone. It is also known to stop pimples.


It consists of antioxidants and lignans which are beneficial to the skin. It helps in keeping fine lines and wrinkles from appearing. It also helps in maintaining smooth skin and keeping your skin moisturized and thus keeping skin youthful.


Full of vitamins C and B complex, lotus is amazing for skin brightening and is full of anti-ageing properties. Lotus has many important minerals as its constituents which are essential for healthy skin. It has fatty acids that help to keep the skin moisturized.


Loaded with vitamin A, C, and antioxidants, mango helps in keeping skin from ageing and is a very good source to combat sun damage. The naturally occurring antioxidants in mango have the potential to reduce signs of sun damage by reducing the oxidation of your skin cells.


The flower of Marikolunthu is known to have several skin-benefiting properties that help in improving the health of your skin. It can be used to keep your skin calm and help in preventing breakouts related to hormones. It does so by maintaining the production of sebum in your body.


Mint has skin-replenishing properties and can help in brightening your complexion. It is also helpful in keeping your skin hydrated and treating acne. It is extremely useful in soothing bites from mosquitos and other similar irritations. Mint can be used to keep skin toned and also remove blackheads.


Moringa, native to Africa and Asia has many nutrients healthy for your skin including vitamin A, which builds collagen, vitamin C that helps to fight the signs of ageing, vitamin E that has anti-inflammatory properties to name a few. It also combats acne and dark spots provide nourishment to dry skin.


Neem is loaded with beneficial properties. Its antibacterial effects help in fighting acne. Its quality to fight inflammation makes it helpful in soothing irritated skin. Neem is also used to remove blackheads and whiteheads. It also helps in keeping skin moisturized.


Palak is loaded with many vital nutrients including Vitamin A, C and K. These nutrients work together to give you radiant skin. It works well in reducing scars and dark spots. It keeps your skin from premature ageing and thus is essential in maintaining skin health.


Green pea is amongst very few plants that contain niacin, i.e., vitamin B3. Niacin is known to help in treating acne and so peas work great against acne. According to some studies, peas also contain skin cancer-preventing properties. Peas also help in fighting ageing.

Poonakani Keerai

It is known to help in restoring natural skin colour and achieving evenly toned skin. Poonakani Keerai can fight blemishes, cure skin ulcers and help in removing blackheads. It can also help in curing eczema and other common skin issues. scabies and itchiness. Also known as (Dwarf Copperleaf spinach)


Vitamins are highly beneficial for the skin. Being rich in Vitamin C, radish is extremely good for the skin. It is helpful in improving cell production and cell repair. It is also a good source of iron, which makes it helpful in maintaining the health of skin, hair and nails.


Loaded with several benefits including, lightening of the skin, preventing skin from ageing and soothing irritation of the skin, rice is a great source for maintaining healthy skin. Rice water is known to help in curing skin diseases like eczema. It can also help in treating blemishes and healing the skin


Saffron has many skin benefits. It helps in combating inflammation, healing wounds and reducing hyperpigmentation. It protects our skin against UV radiation, which is essential in maintaining skin health. It can also act as a skin toner and help in obtaining naturally glowing skin.

Seeds of Jamun

Jamun seeds carry Vitamin C, which is highly beneficial for the skin. It maintains the softness and agility of the skin. It can fight acne, scars and blemishes. It is considered helpful in treating oily skin. Its hydration power keeps the skin healthy and prevents ageing.

Shanbagam (Champak)

Shanbagam flowers are naturally full of oils that provide nourishment. It has antioxidant properties which are helpful in keeping skin from ageing, keeping it youthful and retaining its natural glow. It also has skin rejuvenating effects and has moisturising powers.

Sweet Potato

The surplus with folate, sweet potatoes help in decreasing sensitivity to harmful ultra violet rays. Also, an abundance of vitamin C and Vitamin E makes it a good source to keep skin soft. Collagen is an important nutrient essential for skin health is found in sweet potatoes.


Being a powerhouse of antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamin C and A, tamarind consumption can be great for your skin. It soothes skin irritation and inflammation. It can aid in lightening skin tone and reducing dark spots. Tamarind removes impurities and dead skin cells which assists in gaining radiant skin.


Tomato possesses astringent properties which makes them an excellent skin toner. It assists in the lightening of skin by removing dull skin. Enriched with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, tomatoes are excellent for de-tanning. Removal of sunburn makes your skin look fresh and fair.


Tulsi has many beneficial properties for the skin. It is full of many medicinal properties that help to cure breakouts and acne. It has an excellent use for the deep-cleansing of skin. It is also known to help fight premature ageing.


Mostly known as Khus , it is known to help in dealing with dry skin problems. It can help in treating eczema in inflammation of the skin. It is an excellent moisturizer, which leaves your skin soft and supple.

Velam Palam

Velam Palam or Bael contains anti-bacterial properties which makes it efficacious against many skin problems ranging from, rashes, acne to eczema. It is full of vitamin A and C which keeps skin from premature ageing. It is also successful at treating pigmentation of the skin.

Aloe Vera

Having hydrating powers, aloe vera has extensive use in the skincare industry. It helps in soothing sunburn and healing wounds. It reduces infection and acne and lightens blemishes on the skin. It also fights the ageing of the skin and moisturises the skin.