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Body Lotion Vs Body Butter

by Inria Skincare 13 Feb 2024 0 Comments

Body Lotion Vs Body Butter

  • Moisturising is an important procedure in the skin care routine. It helps the skin in hydration and keeps it well nourished.
  • Body lotion and body butter are the most popular moisturising product for the skin. Though they are similar they give different results.
  • People use body lotion and body butter; many don’t know the difference between them.
  • What is the difference between body butter and body lotion?

Difference Between Body Lotion and Body Butter

  • Body lotions contain higher water content and lighter oil. They may include glycerine and oils which draws moisture from air into the skin.
  • Body butters are thicker and richer in texture compared to lotions. They contain higher concentration of oils. It may include natural products like bee wax or plant-based butters.
  • Body lotions have a lightweight creamy texture that spreads easily and absorbs quickly into the skin. They are lighter and feels less greasy while body butters are thicker and have more luxurious consistency. They feel heavier on skin and take longer time to absorb and provide more intense and long-lasting hydration.
  • Though body lotions provide hydration to the skin, body butter offer deep intense moisturisation, making them the best product for dry and extra dry skin.
  • Body lotions are lighter and require frequent application whereas body butter create protective barrier on skin surface, sealing in moisture and preventing water loss.
  • Body lotions are suitable for all skin types and body butters are best suited for those with dry and rough skin and in when they require more moisturisation.

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rosy regina classic body butter

How To Choose the Right Product for Your Skin

While selecting a body lotion or body butter, many factors should be considered to ensure the product meets your skin care needs. 

Skin type: Consider your skin type and the specific concerns such as dryness, sensitivity and oiliness. It is preferable to use body butter for dry skin and body lotion for oily skin.

The time of the year: Your skin’s needs change depending on the season. During summer, your skin produces more sebum, while during winter, sebum production is reduced which is why dryness occurs. In general, body lotion in summer and body butter in winter are recommended.

The time of the day: If your body care routine is scheduled in the morning, body lotion is recommended. If it is scheduled for the evening, body butter is more beneficial. The skin requires more moisture at night which is provided by body butter.

Examine the ingredients: Check for the beneficial ingredients in the product for your skin. Look for moisturising agent like glycerine, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc.

Texture and consistency: Determine the texture and consistency which you prefer. Body lotions have a lighter texture and absorb quickly while body butters are thicker and provide intense hydration. Choose based on your personal preference and the level of hydration your skin requires.

In the case of fragrance, consider whether you prefer scented or unscented products. Some body lotions and butters contain fragrances or essential oils for a pleasant feel which makes it preferable by most of the people.

Consider the packaging of the product such as pump bottle, squeeze tube or jar. Go for more hygienic package so that they minimise exposure to air and bacteria.

Research the brands reputation and read reviews. Compare the price of different products end assess the value based on quantity, quality and effectiveness.

If you have any specific concerns or skin conditions look for specifically formulated products.

Benefits And Drawbacks of Body Lotion


  • Hydration: Helps in keeping your skin hydrated and preventing dryness.
  • Softens and smoothens: Regular use of lotion can help in softening rough patches and to smooth out the skins texture.
  • Improves skin tone: Some lotions contain ingredients which help out in even skin tone.
  • Soothing and calming: Many lotions may contain ingredients like aloe vera with soothing properties, which can help in calming irritated skin.
  • Enhances skin health: Providing essential moisture and nutrients to the skin, helps in maintaining health and integrity.


  • Potential allergens: Some body lotions contain fragrances, preservatives and other ingredients which may cause irritation.
  • Greasy residue: If they contain heavier oils, they may leave greasy residue.
  • Clogging pores: Thick or heavy body lotions may clog pores leading to acne.
  • Short term hydration: While body lotion provides immediate hydration it’s effect may be temporary.
  • Cost and availability: High quality body lotions can be costly and finding the right formulation for your skin type may require some trial and error.

Benefits And Drawbacks of Body Butter


  • Intense hydration: Rich nourishing ingredients provides deep hydration to the skin.
  • Long lasting moisture: Its thick consistency and higher concentration of oils, forms a protective barrier on the skin’s surface giving it long lasting hydration.
  • Nourishing ingredients: It often contains natural ingredients like vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids which help in nourishing and rejenuvating the skin.
  • Suitable for dry skin: It is especially beneficial for dry or very dry skin, providing higher moisture levels.
  • Luxurious texture: People may enjoy the thick creamy consistency that feels pampering and thus making it a popular choice for self-care routine.


  • Heavy texture: The thick consistency may feel heavy or greasy on the skin if applied in large amounts or in warm weather.
  • Longer absorption time: It takes longer time to absorb into the skin when compared to lighter moisturisers like lotion.  It can be inconvenient when you’re in a hurry.
  • Staining clothes: Rich oils may stain clothes or leave residues on fabric.
  • May cause breakouts: Individuals with acne or sensitive skin may experience breakouts.
  • Price and availability: High quality body butter can be more expensive than other moisturisers.

How To Use Inria's Rosy Regina Body Butter Effectively

Rosy regina body butter is a classic body butter with the goodness of butter and oil. It is enhanced by adding avarampoo and rose flower infused almond oil.
This body butter is best suited for dry and mature skin. The vitamins and minerals of roses help moisturise dry skin, avarampoo is a classic that helps treat acne-prone skin while also soothing and brightening it. 
  • Before applying, make sure your skin is clean and dry.
  • Take a shower using Inria’s cold processed soap and pat your skin dry with towel.
  • The body butter tends to be thick and solid at room temperature.
  • To make it easier, scoop out a small amount and rub it between your palms.
  • Warm it up until it softens and melts
  • Take a generous amount of rosy regina body butter and massage it onto your skin gently in circular motions.
  • Focus on area which tend to be drier like elbows, knees and heels.
  • Massage the body butter into your skin until fully
  • Give the body butter sometime to absorb into your skin before getting dressed, especially if you wearing tight clothing.
  • Apply Rosy Regina after shower, to lock in moisture and to keep your skin hydrated and supple.
  • For best results use it in your daily skin care routine.

1. How often should body lotion or body butter be applied?

Use body lotion or body butter on daily basis. Including them in your skin care regime keeps it hydrated and locks moisture.

2. Is body butter suitable for all types of skin?

Yes...! Body butter is suitable for all skin types. It can be more effective on dry and very dry skin types. The other skin types require
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